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Erica Stafford has just entered the sixth grade in a Vermont school after the family moved there from New Jersey just two years earlier.

She leaves behind her old friends and is forced to make new ones in her new home. Fortunately she meets Abigail Adrianna Post or Abby, who becomes her very best friend. Abby’s dog, Sandy, joins Sophie and The Finn and they form a bond that leads them on a number of adventures together.

Then one day, by chance, Erica gets thrown into a mystery that she just can’t let go of, but it could place her and her pups in imminent danger. She is torn between solving the mystery and turning her head as if it never happened. With Sophie and The Finn at her side she decides that she must see it to the end no matter the risk.

Erica has also recently discovered that something strange is happening to her that she can’t explain or understand. Is it something that she can control or does it only occur randomly without warning and what does it all mean?

She and her two constant companions, Sophie and The Finn embark on an adventure that will begin with a discovery, but as they unravel the clues will eventually lead them into a dangerous encounter that places everyone at great danger.

“Unfortunately she never heard Sophie’s warning because of all of the noise coming from inside the factory building.

The next thing she felt was a pair of large strong hands pinning her arms together. She struggled to try and free them, but it seemed like the more she squirmed, the tighter the grip became. It was as if she was caught in a vise. Next, she felt her feet being lifted off the ground, “Oh my God, she thought to herself, I’ve lost complete control of my body.” It felt like a giant had picked her up like she was a helpless doll. It all happened so fast, she didn’t know how to react. She thought, “What’s happening to me, I can’t even make a sound?” Finally she started to scream, but the odd thing was that there was no sound coming out of her mouth. Her legs were kicking out at this giant, but he was way too strong. To him it must have felt like nothing more than a mosquito attacking his tree trunk legs.”

It is a story of a young inquisitive girl and her two dogs that have built this incredible bond together and a sense of adventure that leads them into the Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs.

Look for the second book in the series, “Secret of the Box”, which will be out shortly.