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Once again Erica Stafford and her two sidekicks, Sophie and The Finn, find themselves thrust into the middle of another mystery.

This time she is on summer vacation, prior to entering the seventh grade, and while visiting her aunt who lives in a house on the ocean in Sandy Beach Island, New Jersey, there is a major theft in a New York City museum just days before she arrives at her aunt’s.

Her friend Abby, who has joined her at the Jersey Shore, will team up with a local boy Jake, and the three of them along with Sophie and The Finn will attempt to solve “The Secret of the Box.”

But they’re not alone as the manhunt for the thieves takes on an international element that brings together local and state police, the FBI, as well as several international special investigators.

During this adventure, Erica will also discover that the voice within her that appears unexpectedly and had previously warned her about impending danger is back. What does it all mean?

She stepped out from behind the dune and started to walk towards the cottage. Her mind was racing; she didn’t know where she got the courage to face…..”

“The door suddenly flew open and this man stood in front of her. He was over six feet, big, but not fat with huge wide hands. He had a scraggly dirty black hair and a salt and pepper beard. Erica noticed a tattoo on his right forearm that was a picture of a skull with crossed knives under it. The only thing between them was a screen door.

She felt her knees start to tremble and her mind telling her to run as fast as she could away from the cottage.”

Join Erica, Sophie and The Finn along with her friend Abby as they begin a new mystery that places them in a new adventure that leads them further from safety and draws them closer to danger.

If you haven’t read “Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs”, don’t forget to join them in this adventure as well.